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Activities – General


Students will learn how to blend colours and apply them to canvas. They will also learn about composition, how to transfer a photo to a painting. A little perspective and a lot of fun! Students are responsible for bringing their own supplies. Supplies list will be available.


This program is suitable for persons who want to learn how to play bridge and for those who have played bridge and want to brush up on their bidding and playing skills, and learn what’s new in bridge.


In this class, all are welcome, as modifications are offered for every level of flexibility and mobility. All poses are adapted to the chair, even balancing poses. The focus of this class is to bring awareness to the breath, lubricate all joints, ligaments and muscles, and work on balancing and increasing your flexibility. At the end of the class, enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.


Learn techniques & tricks in basic making and sketching; use different drawing implements and surfaces; learn perspective skills and optical cues; draw from other sources; draftsmanship and abstractions; learn how to be confident in drawing objects, locations, people and much, much more! Participants are responsible for buying their own supplies: supplies list will be available.


Move to the music, step to the beat and learn the basics of line dancing. Simple steps and great music! Comfortable shoes are all you need!


Traditional line dancing, based on ballroom-style steps, is a gentle and fun way to exercise  your body and your mind, and make new friends! The music is lively and upbeat. So much fun you don’t realize you’re exercising! This is not a beginner class.


A gentle class of those who can get up and down from the floor. All are welcome—beginners through to intermediate. Modifications are offered for each posture, based on your level of yoga experience, mobility and flexibility. Starting with some breathing techniques, a gentle awakening of the joints to stretch and lubricate tendons, ligaments and muscle groups, balancing postures and movement through various postures. At the end of the class, enjoy some well-deserved relaxation.


This class will provide basic instruction on living with more peace, happiness and joy. Themes such as loving kindness, inner peace, gratitude and acceptance will be explored and expanded in simple guided meditations. Learning to be mindful helps us to slow down, to be more present in the moment. We enjoy more rather than rushing or worrying about the past or the future. By living with more intention and awareness, we begin to feel less resistance in our bodies and mind, and move towards health and balance.


Bone is living tissue and responds to exercise by becoming stronger. Join us for a low impact cardio class which includes weight bearing and resistance conditioning exercises that will build bone mass and density. If you have been diagnosed with bone degeneration, this class can help you maintain your bone mass.


This gentle class offers weight bearing and resistance exercises that stretch and strengthen the whole body. The class targets the torso muscles, abdominal, back, hips and buttocks, helping to balance the body, build strong, lean muscles, improve efficiency of movement and mobility, and reduce stress.


Stretch and Move is a fusion class for mind and body. The exercises include mindful breathing exercises, stretching and movements to music. The class can be done from a yoga mat or on a chair. The movements and stretches are designed to work on posture, balance, flexibility and overall well-being. The goal of the class is to move with more joy, ease and flow.


A graceful healthy ancient Chinese form of exercise that combines relaxed, fluid movements with a calm, alert mental state. Tai chi is a non-impact exercise ideal for all fitness levels.


Come on out and have fun learning basic tap steps & combinations each week. Tap shoes or hard-soled shoes are recommended. No experience required!


This course will focus on developing a solid foundation through basic techniques. With demonstrations and individual assistance, you will learn how to paint loose, transparent watercolours in an impressionistic style. An experienced instructor will accommodate all levels of expertise. Materials list available.


Are you looking to regain your flexibility or increase what you have? Work on slowly and gentle stretching out your tendons, ligaments and muscles, lubricating your joints as well. Modifications will be offered. Leave the class feeling stretched and relaxed …  a fabulous way to start the weekend.


This Zumba class is specifically designed for older adults. If you would like to get some exercise in a fun class that keeps you moving, then this is the one for you! You don’t need to know how to dance! Just move to the music. The instructor will gear the exercise pace to the participants’ level.